Why Should You Be Careful About Parabens?


If you are one of those, who use various skin products like moisturizer, shaving creams, cleaners, anti-aging cream, etc..etc..then you should know about parabens. Parabens is a chemical ingredient that is added to most of the cosmetic skin products. The purpose of the synthetic ingredient is to improve the shelf life of the product by preventing the microbial growth. When you buy any personal skin care products, check whether the carton carries any of these names – butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylene paraben, methylparaben and isobutyle paraben, which are all nothing but a list of parabens. This chemical ingredient makes the products safe for use.
Though parabens make the skin care products safe, researchers say that this ingredient could cause side effects to the human beings. That’s because paraben is absorbed by the skin, which leads to increase in various serious side effects in a long run. The recent researches have found that parabens are linked to various health problems like breast cancer, birth defects, fertility problems, and endometriosis. It has also be noted that parabens have been found mostly in the sample tissues of breast cancer. Parabens can also affect men in the form of testicular cancer, male breast cancer, low sperm levels, etc.
Nowadays, most personal care manufacturers are working out to create paraben-free skin care products. Before buying a skincare product check out this netentplay clickandbuy, make sure to read the label and see whether it is paraben-free and.

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