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CO2 Facial Extraction – An Insight

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August 12th, 2014 Posted 10:46 am


Facial extraction is one of the methods to remove the blackheads and whiteheads on the face skin. In recent days, the CO2 fluid extraction is becoming more popular than the traditional extracts that use alcohol and chemical. Now let us see about CO2 extraction and its benefits.
Carbon dioxide, shortly called as CO2 is a gas at normal pressure and temperature and remains in the form of “dry ice” in the frozen state. When the pressure and temperature are raised above the critical point, the CO2 turns into a superficial liquid that is no more gas or liquid, but has density like liquid and mass like gas.
Producing CO2 is expensive and very costly to operate and use. This is the reason skin care products featuring CO2 are very costlier than usual extraction products.
The biggest and significant advantage over CO2 is it is environmental friendly, as it does not produce toxic residues or pollution like in traditional processes. All the by-product material generated during the making of CO2 can be recycled and reused, thereby avoiding potential hazards to the environment.
The skincare products using CO2 are considered safer as they don’t damage or alter the skin tissues. Therefore, by using CO2 products, you can have the desired results on your facial process without any or much side effects. USDA has classified CO2 as organic, and many doctors and institutes recommend skin care products with CO2 extracts.

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A Better Cure for Stretch Marks

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August 12th, 2014 Posted 10:19 am


Although very harmless, most people are worried about having stretch marks on their skin. Stretch marks occur, when the skin gets stretched due to body weight gain and due to pregnancy. The stretch marks can be mild to severe, depending on the skin condition. It would be unbelievable for many, but the fact is many women don’t want to get pregnant as they don’t want to have stretch marks. These days, there are many gels and creams are available to diminish the stretch marks on the skin. In reality, such topical creams do not work for on all types of skins. Some people may not find effective results even with prolonged use of topical creams.
For those who want to have better results should consider micro needling. This is the treatment is highly painless and do not have any serious side effects. During this treatment, the doctor would apply topical analgesic on the stretch marks to numb the area of the skin. Then a special pen device ran over the affected area to create tiny puncture wounds in the skin. The wounds are created in such a way that would yield in improved collagen production, thus resulting in better skin tone and appearance. After the skin has healed, then the area will look better without visible stretch marks. Microneedling covers the stretch marks permanently, thereby producing a long-term solution.
If you are tired of using topical creams one after another to remove the stretch marks, then you should seriously consider micro needling option.

Fighting Psoriasis Effectively

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August 11th, 2014 Posted 10:28 am


Though the medical technology has advanced to a great extent, still there are no permanent cures for various health conditions. Psoriasis is a skin condition, for which the cure has not been found. Psoriasis caused reddish skin that is very unsightly and also causes significant discomfort. There are many ways to tackle this condition. Through lifestyle changes and trying various home remedies, one can effectively fight psoriasis and live a better life relatively.
There are plenty of over the counter creams, lotions and gels to provide some relief. One should try out different topical creams to find out which works best. Each person will have different skin type and different health condition; therefore a single cream will not work for everyone. Apart from using the topical treatments, one should change the lifestyle to battle the skin condition. Changing the dieting is one of the recommended lifestyle changes to fight psoriasis. Increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables, and grains, would help to minimize psoriasis.
Alcohol and smoking habit significantly trigger psoriasis and hence one should stop consuming them. Stress is also believed to cause psoriasis. Therefore, you should take enough steps to reduce the mental stress. Sunlight carries harmful UV rays, which can effectively increase psoriasis. Therefore, you should avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight as much as possible.
Calendula oil is one of the best home remedies for psoriasis problem. This oil helps to keep the skin moisturized, thereby preventing the growth of psoriasis.

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Tips for Selecting the Right Chemical Peels

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August 10th, 2014 Posted 10:29 am


If you like to give some solid rejuvenation to your face skin, then you can surely consider a chemical peel. After you have decided to go with a chemical peel, and then your next job should be finding the right one. There are so many types of chemical peels available in the market, and if you want to achieve best results, then you should find the best one. Following are some of popular type of chemical peels.
Superficial peels are the most basic and cheap chemical peels available in the market. This type of peel works by peeling off the top layer of the skin. Therefore, the recovery process is faster. Most people undergoing this type of peel can return to normal life on the next day itself. This option is ideal for those, who want to remove the wrinkles, fine lines and gently acne scars.
Moderate depth chemical peels, as the name says, penetrate the skin little deeper than superficial peels. This type of peel is great to cure severe sun damages in the skin, and they are relatively painful than superficial peel. The patient may feel slight burning in the treated area and also experience reddish skin. The recovery would take up to one week and may extend further if the skin is more delicate.
Deep peels are highly intensive and very strong chemicals used in this process. The recovery time is much longer than another type of peels.

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